Travel Trailer

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$5,995 to $130,432

Travel trailers give you the freedom to explore scenic, natural settings that may be far away from hotels and other accommodations. They are also a great option for people who prefer the comforts of home rather than a small cookie-cutter room. Designed to be towed behind another vehicle, the travel trailer enables you to use your own automobile. This eliminates the need for an expensive rental car, because you can use your tow vehicle for local transportation. Modern versions of these travel trailer recreational vehicles have skylights, slide-out rooms, a kitchen, generous storage, and beds. They also have water heaters, lavatories, showers, and window treatments. Larger, more luxurious models have panels that slide out horizontally to increase the living space. They may also incorporate laundry units and air conditioning. Common amenities include a refrigerator and microwave oven. Some models feature entertainment centers with flat panel televisions, CD players and DVD players.


Travel Trailer RVs for sale

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