Class C

Total Listings:
Price Range:
$3,800 to $137,890

Although many people don't technically know what a Class C motor home is, they would sure recognize one if they saw it. Class C motorhomes have a distinct silhouette that is defined by the overhang that is above the vehicle's cab. In most models, this overhang holds an additional bed, which means that Class C motorhomes, on average, can sleep more people than the other classes and types of motor homes. Class C motorhomes are typically known as mini motor homes, and they are built on a truck chassis or are modified from a cutaway van chassis. Because of this, these motor homes have about the same shape and size as a rental moving truck, and they also typically drive like one as well. Some Class C motor homes are being built on the chassis of big rig trucks, which gives them even more size and potential for luxurious amenities. However, these larger Class C motor homes can be much more difficult to drive, and they aren't very common.


Class C RVs for sale

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