2014 Winnebago Tour 42QD

Price: $389,241
Forest City, IA
Seller Type:
RV Type:
Class A - Diesel
Tour 42QD

Sellers Description

All new for 2014 the flagship Winnebago Tour and Itasca by Winnebago Ellipse take best of class luxury to an all new level with outstanding exterior and interior enhancements to an already successful luxury pusher, all with a nominal price increase over 2013.For 2014, the following exterior enhancements are being made:1.Contour windows…frameless darker tint awning style windows, which provide a better seal than competitive frameless windows2.An additional patio awning to provide maximum coverage on the patio side (3 awnings total)3.Enhanced LED patio awning lights and service center lighting4.A longer over the entrance door awning5.Swivel brackets for the exterior entertainment center TV, which has now been made standard6.Entrance stepwell enhancements7.Restyled rear mud guard with logo8.Colored inner compartment door linersFor 2014, the following interior enhancements are being made:1.Enhanced lounge area with larger 46 inch LED TV on swivel, with hidden storage and built in safe behind2.Restyled curved fireplace3.Larger 10 inch screen display on the infotainment center system for SiriusXM and Navigational display4.Whisper quiet bath fans5.LED style ceiling and overhead lighting6.New improved entrance screen door usability7.Key One Plus, with coach key enhancement system, utilizing only two keys for the entire coach8.Stylized bed skirt added9.Restyled dining chairs10.All electric coach, with induction cooktop and Aqua Hot hydronic heating For 2014, the following options have now been made standard, mitigating a nominal price increase:1.Infotainment center with GPS2.SiriusXM satellite radio3.Exterior entertainment center with TV4.Electric fireplace5.Stainless steel valance trim6.Flexsteel luxury cab seatingIncludes the following factory installed options: 1.Ultraleather dual control Rest Easy sectional sofa2.Ultraleather Euro lounge chair3.Stacked washer and dryer, separate units4.Fisher Paykel dishwasher5.Microwave and Speedcook oven6.Compartment tray slideout7.Solar panel, 100 watt, paired up with a 2,800 watt pure sine wave inverter8.Polished porcelain tile throughoutMissing an Option You're Looking For? We can add any additional options at our dealership, including satellite, Nitrogen for your tires, and more!At Lichtsinn Motors our website has full video walkarounds on each RV, making it easy for you to purchase. On our website you can go for a virtual test drive, purchase your RV over the Email Us or the internet, and then take delivery at our dealership, which is only 1 Mile from Winnebago, Itasca, and Era here in Forest City, Iowa!

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